Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Salary

    How do I get paid?

    The Enhance Family Day Care administration team will assist you in managing your income, Child Care Subsidy and government assistance. Our finance team pays educators weekly.

    How much can I earn?

    Enhance Family Day Care educators earn upwards from $80k per year! Your annual salary is completely up to you; you set your own hourly fees and control how much you earn. Use local competition, demand and your current knowledge and experience to guide you in making your decision.

  • Support

    How will I fill my vacancies?

    At Enhance Family Day Care, we have families waiting for vacancies to open up across Queensland. We will help you to fill your vacancies from our current waiting list, by providing you with marketing resources to assist you in recruiting families and by advertising your vacancies via our Find an Educator Near You webpage.

    What happens if I need time off?

    If you need time off for a holiday, personal leave, sick leave or if you simply need a break, Enhance Family Day Care will endeavour to temporally place your children with other local educators under a casual booking.

  • Requirements

    How do I apply?

    Check our careers page to assist you with your application! If you’d like further support, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

    After applying, how long until I can start?

    Your start time will depend on your current home learning environment, qualifications and enrolments. Our team will assist you in managing this process and getting you start ready, as soon as possible! For more specific information, contact us.

    How many children can I care for?

    Family Day Care educators can care for four children under school age, as well as three additional school aged children at any one time.

  • Qualifications

    Do I need any qualifications to start?

    Yes. Family Day Care educators must hold a minimum of a Certificate III in Children Services or Early Childhood, or be actively working towards. In addition, all FDC educators must hold a current First Aid and CPR qualification.

    I hold a Certificate III, will I need to study further?

    No. The choice to study further is not a requirement.