• How much does it cost?

    Enhance Family Day Care fees are set by each individual Educator and are reviewed by the Service before implementation. Therefore, fees vary depending on the Educator. 


    Enhance Family Day Care fees range between: $8.90 – $16.50 per hour

    Higher fees may apply for non-standard hours, overnight care and public holidays.

    What do the fees include?

    Some of our Enhance Educators may charge additional fees for nappies and meals or include them in their fees, however, it is best to check with the Enhance Service to find out exactly what the Educators in your area provide. 

    Is Family Day Care eligible for CCS?

    Child Care Subsidy is available for families to reduce the cost of care. Family day care can offer families minimum hours, meaning you can better optimise your allocated Government subsidies.

    See if you are eligible for a Child Care Subsidy





    How can I find out more about fees?

    To find out more about the cost of Enhance Family Day Care, please contact the Enhance service closest to you to discuss affordable fees that suit your price range and your care requirements.

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