• Passionate educators, satisfied families and flourishing children!

    See why educators love Enhance Family Day Care and their children and families.
  • Rhoda

    Enhance Family Day Care educator


    Enhance Family Day Care educator

  • Elizabeth

    Enhance Family Day Care educator

    Cathy Cahill

    General Manager

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  • Dedicated educators, engaged children and happy families!

    See what parents have to say about their experience with Enhance Family Day Care and their educators.
    • Family day care is great. It’s home based and I feel that it’s safer for my children. Best of all it was cheaper than expected!

    • Our son has developed a deep bond with Lesa. We’re very satisfied with the care and support from both Enhance and Lesa.

    • I trust Janet with with our son’s diabetic care. It means that while I’m at work I don’t have to worry.

    • My daughter socialises with children of different ages which is great for her development.

    • Our Enhance educator is amazing! Our son always enjoys his time at Sarah’s place. He comes home happy, with a full belly and is well rested.

    • I love family day care. My son gets the personal attention all children crave. He gets astoundingly less colds and flus than other children that go to day care centres.

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