What to expect

  • What your child will experience

  • Every day is different and unique.

    Every day with your family day care educator provides new opportunities for your child to learn, laugh, play and grow. A typical day in a family day care environment includes a selection of activities that are developmentally appropriate for the children in care. Activities generally include craft, outdoor play and activities, games, reading and social happenings. Some educators will take their children on walks or field trips to places including the park and libraries.

    Ultimately, a family day care environment provides opportunities for educators to plan appropriate and individual learning goals for your child, whilst encouraging them to direct their own learning. At the beginning and end of each day, unlike at long day care centres, educators speak with parents to further discuss your child’s education and general wellbeing, reinforcing the benefits of having your child cared for in a family environment. 

  • Family day care educator

    Here, one of our educators shares what makes a child’s day at Enhance so special.
  • Our days start early. Children get dropped off at different times. My group is small and I look forward to meeting them every day.

    We have our own greetings and settling in routines. Ollie likes to knock three times on my front door. Sometimes I ask for a password, which he loves.

    Our mornings are flexible around what the children like to do. We often go outside and eat our morning tea under the jacaranda tree in my backyard. 

    Although every day is planned, within a family day care environment, different and new learning opportunities often present themselves naturally throughout the day.

  • It could be the caterpillar the children spot in my veggie garden, a chat over lunch or by reading a book.

    Sometimes we’ll talk about our ‘hello song’ or someone will learn how to do something new. I always make sure the kids help each other out.

    We often go out and explore our suburb; have new and exciting adventures. The kids love these experiences and cannot stop talking about it for days.

    My family day care is my home. The children are part of my extended family and their families are part of my village. I love having them here. They feel like they belong because they do!

  • Family day care - successful futures start early.

    A natural approach to early learning through play and discovery in small groups.
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  • Safety is always our top priority

  • We ensure every educator’s home has:
    • easy access to safe, outdoor play area
    • seperate areas for group and quiet play
    • a secure, comfortable sleeping area
    • indoor/outdoor equipment that is safe, sturdy and suitable for the ages of the children (and meets required standards)
    • appropriate resources to support children’s learning
    • strict safety and hygiene requirements
  • We also ensure all educators:
    • meet qualification requirements under the National Quality Framework
    • hold appropriate and up-to-date qualifications in first aid, CPR, asthma and anaphylaxis
    • hold and maintain a blue card (including criminal history checks) to ensure they are cleared to work with children (and adults living in the home have approved blue cards)
    • have undergone child protection training
    • have the required level of public liability insurance